Internal TTX

Silicon Microcantilevers and Microfluidic Fitting for Air Quality Monitoring (SiMMF4AQM)

General concept for Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) is based on simultaneous measurement of multiple physical values and concentrations of different components of the air at one-and-same point. Also, it is preferable one-and-the same principle of measurement to be exploited for assessment of each of the abovementioned values and concentrations. Piezoresistive Silicon microcantilevers, also called “self-sensing cantilevers”, are promising candidates to enable the said concept.

Partners in project the SIMMF4AQM are two SMEs from Bulgaria and France: first partner, AMG Technology (AMGT) is active in development of novel MEMS devices with integrated piezoresistive feedback and electrothermal (ET) actuation; second partner, EFFICIENCE Marketing (EfM) develops and promotes to market novel AQM systems. Areas of expertise of both parties have been successfully merged during the internal TTX by demonstrating functionally integrated cantilever sensors, incl. microfluidic member. Sensors are capable simultaneously to measure multiple values at power consumption for actuation below 1μW/cantilever.

Results are paving the road towards long-term partnership for penetrating the global AQM market.

AMG Technology
Efficience Marketing


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