Funded TTX

May 2018
BLEUN: Low consumption Geolocation Urban networks based in BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Trackers Intelligent Parking, Spain
Etelätär Innovation OÜ, Estonia
SEMAB, Spain
Eco-Rural-IoT: Application of techniques and intelligent algorithms aimed to reduce the consumption of power and water in mixed farming environments by means of Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, Portugal
Nebusens, Spain
TAMIC, Spain
Rancho Guareña Hermanos Olea Losa, Spain
Nox.Box: Mobile NOx Sensor component for real time large-scale monitoring and platform Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
Cleopa GmbH, Germany
Sensing & Control Systems S.L., Spain
February 2018
Carrots: Cooperative ARchitecture for gaRdening with Open moniToring Systems Lifely, Italy
PROVENTUS, računalniške storitve, d.o.o., Slovenia
DPUsim: Simulation Environment for an In-DRAM Processing Unit (DPU) Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany
UPMEM, France
EVErMORE: Energy-efficient Variation awarE MulticORE Università di Bologna, Italy
GreenWaves Technologies, France
HeartStep: Heart and Activity Data Fusion Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia
SAVING trgovina in storitve d.o.o, Slovenia
TEBIX: Tetramax Emergency Beacon Integration eXperiment Montr Safety Solutions, Netherlands
Rad AS, Norway
TETRaWIN: TEchnology Transfer of computational-Rfid Wirelessly-powered IoT Nodes University of Salento, Italy
Spica Sustativi d.o.o., Croatia


TETRAMAX is a Horizon 2020 innovation action and provides an implementation of the European Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) initiative in the domain of customized and low-energy computing for cyber physical systems and the internet of things. The total budget of the TETRAMAX project is 7M€ and is coordinated by RWTH Aachen University, with 23 partners, covering almost all EU countries.

The project partially builds on experiences with the TETRACOM project during 2013-2016. TETRAMAX was launched in Sep 2017 and will run for four years.