Feb. 12, 2020

TETRAMAX facilitated a new low-cost power measurement tool for the development of energy-efficient embedded systems

Lynsyn technology was the result of the successful TETRAMAX bilateral technology transfer experiment: NIPOLECS.

Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd., an established supplier and manufacturer of embedded modules, has launched Lynsyn Lite, a low-cost power measurement tool for the development of embedded and customized low-energy computing (CLEC) systems that require a high degree of energy efficiency.

The core Lynsyn technology was developed by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) as part of its involvement in the EU’s recently completed H2020 TULIPP project, to overcome the challenges of accurately measuring energy consumption in the development of the project’s high performance, energy-efficient reference platform targeting the growing range of increasingly complex image processing applications. NTNU won a Technology Transfer Award from HiPEAC’19, an EU-funded Network of Excellence, for its development of the core Lynsyn technology.

Sundance Multiprocessor Technology, also a prominent member of the TULIPP consortium, joined with NTNU to provide a low-cost, commercial implementation of the core Lynsyn technology: Lynsyn Lite .

Lynsyn Lite is the result of a collaboration project called NIPOLECS, between Sundance Multiprocessor Technology and NTNU and facilitated by the TETRAMAX project. NIPOLECS or Non-Intrusive Power Monitor for Low-Energy Computing Systems was granted after the second TETRAMAX bilateral TTX call.

This TETRAMAX support is an excellent route forward for small and focused projects that can move research into a commercial product. Furthermore, the co-operation between NTNU and Sundance will continue into the future.

Mr. Flemming CHRISTENSEN, Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd, UK

Assoc. Prof. Magnus JAHRE, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway


TETRAMAX is a Horizon 2020 innovation action within the European Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) initiative in the domain of customized and low-energy computing for Cyber Physical Systems and the Internet of Things. As a Digital Innovation Hub, TETRAMAX aims to bring added value to European industry, helping to gain competitive advantage through faster digitization. The project partially builds on experiences with the TETRACOM project during 2013-2016. TETRAMAX was launched in Sep 2017 and runs until Dec 2021.