Jan. 6, 2020

EVErMORE video

We are starting the year with a new TETRAMAX video! Proudly presenting: 'EVErMORE'!

EVErMORE, a TETRAMAX bilateral technology transfer experiment that combines a novel system architecture designed by the University of Bologna with processor technologies by GreenWaves Technologies. The result is a new generation of ultra-low-power processors, enabling battery-operated artificial intelligence (AI) in Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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TETRAMAX is a Horizon 2020 innovation action within the European Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) initiative in the domain of customized and low-energy computing for Cyber Physical Systems and the Internet of Things. As a Digital Innovation Hub, TETRAMAX aims to bring added value to European industry, helping to gain competitive advantage through faster digitization. The project partially builds on experiences with the TETRACOM project during 2013-2016. TETRAMAX was launched in Sep 2017 and runs until Dec 2021.