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Seeking innovative edge computing node


Raspberry PIs have high energy consumption and interfaces which are unnecessary, eg. HDMI. Microcontrollers on the other hand have low energy consumption but are not powerful. A combination of the two would be suitable for fog computing like architectures and scenarios, allowing the use in an edge position, eg. directly connected to sensors, but in a smarter, more flexible and active way then what a microcontroller could do.

Technology requests

The company is seeking innovative edge computing nodes which:

  • Fulfills "standard" specifications, eg. low energy, gathers data through sensors, being able to communicate via standard protocols, etc.
  • More powerful in the sense that it should provide greater and more flexible computing power to do non-trivial processing, eg. installing a more complex OS
  • Should not be confused with gateway, which has different capabilities in computing and features.

Application Areas examples:

  • Smart grids
  • Digital health

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Date published08/24/2018Technology areasCloud Computing