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Architectural-level simulator GPUs


Think Silicon is a dynamic SME located in Greece with expertise in designing and implementing ultra low power GPUs and Display controllers. Apart from the GPU cores (provided as IP semiconductor cores), the company develops the complete software stack including OpenGL and OpenCL drivers, the LLVM-based compiler, and the SDK for efficient generation of GPU software.

Technology requests

Think Silicon is seeking for a partner with expertise in simulation technologies to build an architectural-level simulator (e.g., SystemC based) for the Nema-series of GPUs (product name of Think Silicon GPUs). The simulator should be easily extensible and must be automatically generated by a set of configuration files (including the ISA of the GPU) and must also include the necessary interfaces to executed both OpenGL and OpenCL applications.

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Date published04/18/2018Technology areasHardware/Software CodesignMulticore SystemsProcessor ArchitecturesVirtual Prototyping