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Bio-Functionalization of Cantilever Arrays for Realtime Detection of Pathogens and Biomarkers

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The newly developed piezoresistive microcantilever sensor arrays aim to become a platform for an in-situ, rapid (<1 min) detection of pathogens like virus COVID-19 in exhaled air or body-liquids. The major differentiating aspect between currently available virus tests and our approach, is that the formers detect infection artefacts like specific proteins or biomarkers, but not the active viruses themselves. Our sensors on the other hand, intend to detect in real time the presence of the pathogens like viruses, bacteria or similar. Microcantilever arrays comprising patterned Au-coated surfaces and varying full bridge configurations of the resistors, are prototyped for experiments. To detect availability of targeted infectious agents in exhaled air or body-liquids, specific bio-coatings that selectively immobilize pathogens like viruses, are sought. Similarly, specific biomarkers can be detected.

Technology requests

By application of specific functionalization coatings, cantilever arrays will be capable of detecting the targeted infectious agents (viruses, bacteria) and therefore to minimize the impact of any other future infectious outbreak, either in the human population or in farming animals. Thus, we intend to provide to the society a kind of universal tool for infection transmission monitoring, making future pandemics instantly identifiable and controllable, due to: • Personal real-time infection agent detection, before disease onset • Pathogens and biomarkers will be assessed quantitively • Monitoring and quantification of virus transmission mechanisms will be ensured • Rapid screening and infection mapping of population • Digital diagnostics of biomarkers in other sectors will be enabled as a side effect

Expertise requests

We are looking for partners having complimentary expertise in bio-functionalization of micro cantilevers. Specific industries include:

  1. Researchers and Research Centers working with pathogen – synthesis of specific bio-materials, detection of bio-markers, protein immobilization or similar
  2. Companies/Research groups dealing with precise micropatterned coating methods: micro-printing, self-assembled monolayers, etc. approaches
  3. Validation of pathogen immobilization & detection by complementary methods

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Date published05/25/2021Technology areasAdditive Manufacturing (3D printing)Medical and Health ApplicationsNanotechnologiesSensors, Actuators, MEMS and RFSmart Metering