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IoT vulnerability management and firmware analysis platform

The problem/challenge

Implementing security for (I)IoT/embedded devices is proven to be difficult. With constant business demands for more features and faster release schedules, it’s only getting worse. Finding an automated approach to manage your device’s firmware vulnerabilities is essential. Whether you manufacture the device, use it in your organization, integrate it into a larger solution offering, or are responsible for its security testing and compliance, Binaré is here to help.

The invention/product

Binaré offers both professional services and an automated analysis platform to meet various needs for IoT security. Binaré’s advisory services leverage both our automated platform and our team’s expertise to offer penetration testing and detailed cyber security assessments of IoT devices/firmware in an online environment that closely simulates the real-world.

Companies/industry we are looking for

SMEs/Enterprises that are looking for cybersecurity partnerships and solutions. System Integrators (Sls) that are looking for a cybersecurity solution to be integrated in their offerings or projects. SMEs that are performing R&D.

Next steps/Activities

Joint R&D, joint pilot projects showcasing our solutions as part of the Success Story for the partner.

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Date published06/10/2021StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasCloud ComputingCybersecurityIndustrial AutomationInternet-of-Things