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System for Object Recognition

The problem/challenge

System provides traceability of a single object in different positions or recognizes multiple consecutively placed still objects on a platform, by measuring the total weight with four highly performing force gauges. Due to used piezoresistive sensors, the system provides traceability of the objects, even when they are placed in heavy storage compartments or running equipment.

The invention/product

The demo system comprises a horizontal metal platform, four force-gauges placed at the corners and an electronic block for data acquisition and communication with a PC. By permanent monitoring the force signals, the total weight and position of the center of gravity are calculated. For every consecutively placed object on the platform, the attributes: time of loading, weight and coordinates of its center of gravity are calculated, displayed on the PC and stored in a data base. At removing, the object is recognized by stored attributes, the event is marked on PC screen and time of unloading is also recorded. Thus, real-time inventory and traceability of the objects on the platform, are enabled. Different complementary application-specific options, like mechanical compensation of the storage compartment weight and similar customized modifications, can be provided.

Companies/industry we are looking for

We are looking for users that develop challenging equipment with integrated new monitoring capabilities, incl. if object recognition and traceability, is needed (examples): • real-time object traceability inside processing equipment • automated remote storage inventory in harsh environment • smart household equipment (refrigerators, cooking devices, washing machines, etc.) • security – multiple aspects • complex in-situ medical diagnostics of humans (hemodialysis, infusions, surgery, etc.) and animals, etc.

Next steps/Activities

We are seeking collaborations to: • Develop of new IoT compatible equipment with challenging applications
• Develop smart household equipment • Secure compatibility and standardization with machine learning, AI technologies

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Date published05/25/2021StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasHuman-Machine InteractionIndustrial AutomationRobotics and Autonomous SystemsSensors, Actuators, MEMS and RFSmart Metering