Offer #2021.70

Smart off-grid Community

The problem/challenge

The Catfarm is an off-grid community in the South of France where young travellers and digital nomads gather. On the farm, there are various applications of combinations of High and Low-tech solutions that we give workshops about and demonstrate during our Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges.

Currently, we are developing IoT, robotics and AI integrations what we develop with the many young professionals that come work with us and create new projects. We are a hub where people from all walks of life pass.

Companies/industry we are looking for

We are looking for tech companies that would like to try their ideas in real life in communities and would like to collaborate with us.

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Date published02/05/2021StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasAccess to FinanceAdditive Manufacturing (3D printing)Human-Machine InteractionInternet-of-ThingsLow-Energy ComputingOptimization TechnologiesRobotics and Autonomous SystemsSensors, Actuators, MEMS and RFWeb and Mobile Applications