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ReMoni’s IoT-sensors detect abnormal operation from the outside of the existing cables and pipes

The problem/challenge

Buildings and productions waste large amounts of energy every single day. Production units, pumps, motors, ventilation, pipes, heaters and coolers are all examples of technical installations that waste a high amount of resources. It often happens without our knowledge and with costly expenses as result.

The invention/product

Based on IoT ReMoni helps companies and institutions save energy by performing consumption analyses in buildings and productions. ReMoni’s solution is the only of its kind and especially stands out on two elements:

  • The sensor’s clamp-on technology with a non-invasive, damage preventing design.
  • Many measure points and a high measurement frequency due to the low-cost installation.

The coherent solution from ReMoni consists of sensors, gateways and an access to one or more dashboards in ReMoni’s cloud-platform ReCalc or ReCalc MoniTor. To prevent damage the sensors are clamped non-invasively onto the outside of existing cables and pipes, wherefrom they measure power, temperature, water, heat, cooling, etc.

Companies/industry we are looking for

We are looking for companies and technical partners to become collaboration or project partners.

Next steps/Activities

If you see opportunities in being our collaboration or project partner do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone +45 3064 1627.

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