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Smart Capsule

The problem/challenge

ABzero is a start-up that offers the smart capsule, an autonomous system for the delivery of blood, emocomponents, organs and medicines that enables everyone using drones according to regulations, ensuring delivery in an autonomous and immediate way and in total safety for humans.

The invention/product

The smart capsule is the first system on the market to provide a fully autonomous drone delivery service for perishable and high-value medical products, integrating real-time quality monitoring and control. It consists on a smart casing able to guide any autonomous aerial vehicle attached to it, specifically designed for transporting blood, organs, tissues, test samples and drugs, among others. The system monitors the conditions of the product (e.g. temperature, agitation and humidity) and adjusts them when needed by

Companies/industry we are looking for

Industrial partner, delivery partners,

Next steps/Activities

Testing activity for experimentation of the solution and willingness to economically support the experimentation.

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Date published11/17/2020StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasSmart Cities