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Assisted Reality Wearable

WAGOO Italia Srls

The problem/challenge
  • The traditional technology behind headmounted wearables provides relevant content via two techniques a) image recognition or b) position + orientation. These techniques have drawbacks: privacy, power consumption, absence of indoor reliable positioning, bulky form factor.
  • Our technology overcomes the traditional shortcomings of augmented reality hardware by detecting the direction of arrival of an emitting source such as a smartphone, an iBeacon, or IoT Object. Our wearable can steer the field of view toward meaningful content, actuate objects, navigate indoor and more. The user cases are numerous. Functionalities can be created via an API and while the software is stored in the cloud.
  • The wearable object is versatile as can be aknowledged by watching these videos: 1) or 2) -The first video provides an overview of the range of applications that are possible.
    -The second video focuses on a Corona Virus user case, just to demonstrate how easy it is to reconfigurate the device.

The invention/product

A light head-mounted wearable that detects the direction of the arrival of a Bluetooth source. The detection is just the first step. The wearable can deliever audio and optical clues content , steer users' attention, pair with and actuate IoT objects, provide directions. We initially focus on the healthcare space. Our glassess can be used to augument the limited mobility of an ageing population via the look-and-actuate functionality. See, e.g.,

MAIN DIFFERENTIATORS: Breath Of Functionalities The Same Hardware Can Be Used For Very Diverse Functions Such As Covid 19 Social Distancing, Indoor Navigation, Iot Objects Directional Control, Awareness Steering To Products, And Much More. Assisted Reality Rather Than Augmented Reality Main Outputs Are Audio And Peripheral Leds Audio Can Be Either Integrated In The Glasses (4th generation proto) Or Via Pixel Buds Or Air Pods (5th generation proto). Small Form Factor Means Real Usability - The Wearable Is Really Wearable Battery Life An Ecosystem Can Be Easily Built Around Bluetooth

Companies/industry we are looking for

We are looking especially at electronics and/or manufacturing companies, e.g. eyewear manufacturers, who want to explore the electronic wearables industry and are as passionate about innovation as we are. We value passion and calculated risk taking, but most of all, grit and preseverance. We are open to collaborations with a wide spectrum of industries since the wearable has a very broad applicability and many diverse user cases in different industries.

Next steps/Activities

We seek technology partnerships as well as financial investments and guidance on commercialization, distribution, and productization.

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