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Mobile NO2 sensor technology for large-scale real time monitoring

The problem/challenge

The solution solves the problem of low-cost real time monitoring of NO2 exposure to citizens esp. in urban centers in Europe and around the world.

The invention/product

The prototype consists of a mobile, battery powered sensor module to collect environmental data, i.e. nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentration, temperature, humidity, and pressure, and transfer it via a Bluetooth low energy protocol to a smartphone app every 30s. The NO2 gas sensing technology is based on Photoacoustic detection allows for sensitive and selective determination of NO2 concentration in ambient air. The app has a mapping functionality to plot the real time NO2 and environmental data from the sensors along with option to download historical data.

Companies/industry we are looking for
  • Investment from companies to further develop the prototype
  • Commercial air quality sensor manufacturing companies
Next steps/Activities
  • Design and fabrication of pre-commercial sensor modules and pilot testing across European cities.
  • Partnership in National or European Research and Innovation projects for both Smart Cities and Industrial applications.
  • Commercial exploitation of the solution in European and global markets.

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Date published10/07/2020StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasEnvironmental ProtectionInternet-of-ThingsSensors, Actuators, MEMS and RFSmart CitiesWireless Sensor Networks