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Improvement of lifetime / reliability / performance of memory components

The problem/challenge

Non-volatile memories have inherent errors: the content written inside might be different from what is read out.

It is because memories suffer of reliability issues (data retention, stress sensitivity, limited number of write operations, ...). In order to overcome this problems, specific algorithms are used (ECC, LDPC, wear leveling, read-retry, ...). These algorithms need to be tuned for the specific application and usage mode and they strongly depend on the memory device itself.

Understanding the memory is essential to build efficient electronic devices using non-volatile memory for data or for code storage.

The invention/product

We developed our technology to carry out specific measurements on the memory components, to extract all information needed for the algorithm optimization.

Our products include test/measurement tools and data analysis software, embedding dozens of years of experience.

We are working on all currently used non-volatile memory technologies like NAND, NOR, PCM, RRAM, FeRAM, MRAM.

Companies/industry we are looking for

Our partners are designing electronic boards and modules using intensively non-volatile memories for the data storage.

Next steps/Activities

We are offering hardware and software tools for characterizing the non-volatile memory components and/or we are offering our knowledge to execute the characterization in our laboratory and working together with our partners to find the optimal algorithms and parameters for the specific application.

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Date published10/07/2020StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasAutomotive ElectronicsData Mining and Big DataIntegrated Circuit DesignInternet-of-ThingsLow-Energy ComputingMachine LearningNanotechnologiesSafety Critical Applications