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AI powered Process Optimization​

Finealyze GmbH

The problem/challenge

Finealyze GmbH offers innovative solutions for the digitalization of industrial production. Especially small and medium-sized enterprises are facing various challenges​:

  • High use of resources, high production costs and lack of transparency about the production processes​
  • Unknown reasons and poor documentation of product quality deviations and scrap​
  • Historically grown machinery with highly heterogeneous level of technology​
  • Great need to catch up with the digitization of production by retrofit of existing assets​
The invention/product

We offer an AI-powered analysis of industrial production processes, based on data driven IIoT-services, process mining and an optimization recommendation system.​ Our vision is an automated transfer of optimization measures towards sustainable automated production. Our modular solution portfolio offers the right components for closed solutions in various scenarios:

  • IoT-Solutions for cross-vendor access to machine and process data for the digitalization and retrofitting of existing production systems
  • Modular software-solutions for data stream management and real-time calculation, documentation and online dashboard with KPIs
  • Innovative AI powered analytics solutions for the identification of process variations and anomalies
Companies/industry we are looking for

We looking for partners for potential projects on a commercial basis, who would like to enhance their production and processes through digitalization and use of their machine data. Strategic partnerships with machine manufacturers, as well as equipment manufactures, who would like to improve the quality of their products and offer their customers added value through data analytics.

Next steps/Activities

We are looking for PoCs, licensing deals, consulting projects and partnerships through a SaaS model.

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Date published10/02/2020StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasData Mining and Big DataEmbedded and Systems ProgrammingIndustrial AutomationInternet-of-ThingsMachine LearningOptimization TechnologiesRobotics and Autonomous SystemsSensors, Actuators, MEMS and RFTransport and Logistics