Offer #2018.6

Multipurpose sensing technology based on functionally integrated micro flexures

The problem/challenge

AMG Technology Ltd offers a technology for prototyping of silicon MEMS devices suitable for in-situ measurement of multiple parameters. Devices comprise plurality of functional integrated micro flexures with sidewall embedded piezo resistors, each selectively responding to a targeted parameter. By means of detecting of single nm displacements, the miniaturized multi-sensing devices can be applied in various domains ranging from top performing analytical equipment and nanotechnologies, to monitoring large objects like industrial equipment, structural health monitoring, smart buildings, etc.
Besides very high performance, the envisaged technology enables very competitive overall cost of entire measuring/monitoring systems.

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Date published04/17/2018StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasCybersecurityEnvironmental ProtectionIndustrial AutomationNanotechnologiesRobotics and Autonomous SystemsSensors, Actuators, MEMS and RFSmart Buildings Smart Metering