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GNSS Positioning as a Service

The problem/challenge

Calculating conventionally the position via GNSS flavors (GPS, Galileo, Beidu, Glonass) remains a power-hungry operation not suitable for battery-operated IoT devices nevertheless the most ubiquitous and accurate. Multiple alternative approaches are advertised nowadays with or without involving GNSS however our network-based one (Cloud, Edge, Fog) consumes a tenth of the power without entailing expensive components or complex time synchronization methods for the IoT device.

The invention/product

The product comprises an online service deployed in the Cloud that receives raw data from the IoT device, calculates the position estimation (position fix), and visualizes it via a Web Dashboard and/or sends it via standard or bespoke APIs to the IoT device operator. The micro-services back-end could also be installed on Edge, customers' premises, or depending on the application even on a smartphone.

Companies/industry we are looking for

Chipmakers - primarily those aiming at IoT market - that are willing to enable their design with real GNSS capabilities without the burden and the drawbacks of a conventional GNSS IP.

Module makers and IoT solution providers & integrators seeking for a low-power, low-cost GNSS solution.

For the time being our technology and product fits better the IoT asset tracking use cases.

Next steps/Activities

Strategic partnerships that will be helping all involved parties to release innovative positioning products able to extend tremendously the battery lifespan.

Our aim is to work together and employ our technology to their products, according to their specific requirements and use cases.

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Date published09/29/2020StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasCommunication TechnologiesInternet-of-ThingsLocation Based TechnologiesLow-Energy ComputingTransport and Logistics