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Plugthings - IoT Framework for wireless sensors and actuators network (WSAN)

The problem/challenge

Setting up a wireless network of sensors/devices can be demanding because of different standards, hardware, and integration issues with software applications.

The invention/product

Plugthings is a cloud platform that solves this problem. The framework receives, processes and analyses data from any wireless device on the market, and allows a simple integration with any management system, communication protocols and specific end applications.

By facilitating the implementation of sensors and actuators in different user-cases (e.g. traceability of products, maintenance prediction, optimization of operations, etc.) in industry, agriculture, aquaculture and smart-cities, Plugthings significantly reduces the time and cost for the development and deployment of IoT applications.

Companies/industry we are looking for

Companies and industry partners with specific requests for improving their installations and operations.

Next steps/Activities

We would like to perform use-case studies on integration of specific sensors, actuators and processes to achieve measurable KPIs.

We are open to forming collaborations for TETRAMAX TTX calls.

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Date published04/21/2020StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasCloud ComputingInternet-of-Things