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Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system for Spanish and English


The problem/challenge

Techmo's Automatic Speech Recognition system can be used to improve call centers, customer service departments, customer contacts or helpdesk services, etc. Applications range from automotive industry, banking or home appliances. The ASR system save costs and provide clients with more time-effective services.

The invention/product

Techmo's ASR system works as an on-premise system, which makes it very secure for end-users. This also makes it flexible in implementation. At the moment, the ASR system works for Polish language (solution based on SRGS) with an unlimited number of grammars and unlimited defined words in it. There is a high operation speed and high detection efficiency (over 99 percent).

We plan to increase functionality to other languages as well.

Companies/industry we are looking for

We would like to expand to other markets by adding support for other languages, such as English and Spanish. The English-language version is at a level comparable to State-Of-The-Art in various publications. The Spanish-language version is being improved upon, the current level of incorrect word recognition prevents to introduce it on the markets.

We are looking for companies that have knowledge and experience in voice technology solutions (English and/or Spanish) as well as commercial experience in implementing solutions.

Next steps/Activities

We have had a successful project as part of Tetramax TTX. We would like to build long-term partnerships in the development of ASR and build a distribution network based on local integrators. We are looking for a partner who could take part in a joint cooperation in product development and reselling as a part of our created partner network including local integrators.

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Date published03/25/2020StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasCommunication TechnologiesMachine LearningMultimedia ProcessingSound ProcessingSpeech Recognition