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Distributed Ledger Technology / Blockchain

The problem/challenge
  1. Digital Trust in distributed data and IoT/M2M environment (Data integrity, security, identity, e-privacy)

  2. feeless data (stream) monetisation /micropayment for IoT/M2M ecosystems and application

  3. IoT ecosystem facilitation, matchmaking and co-creation processes

The invention/product

Opensource Distributed Ledger Technology/Protocol (3rd generation Blockchain) designed to fit the IoT/M2M requirements:

  • low energy requirements
  • high speed of transaction/scalable
  • quantum secure
  • no fees

Products include:

  • digital ID, e-privacy and access control (for people, organisation and machines)
  • data authentication and integrity for digital twin
  • track & trace / audit trail (provenance of goods, Guarantees of origins of Energy,...)
  • decentralised data and M2M marketplaces
  • IoT/M2M payment wallet
  • more

Services include:

  • education & training (IOTA dev capabilities and associated business model innovation)
  • opensource platforms and blueprints
  • technical dev and integration support
  • matchmaking and open innovation
  • R&D grant proposal
Companies/industry we are looking for

Platforms, software solutions, IOT solutions for smart cities, industrial IoT, digital identity, vertically oriented applications

Energy, e-mobility, automotive, smart building, smart farming, smart manufacturing, telco, supply chain, smart city, social impact, environment & climate...

Next steps/Activities

Applied Research, Design, Development, Demonstration, Implementation

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