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IOT Energy Management for Hotel Rooms

The problem/challenge

Without intelligent solutions, energy waste in hotel rooms can lead to over €180k extra costs annually (e.g. in a 200-room property).

SENS is an energy management company that leverages technology to reduce energy consumption and energy costs. One solution on offer is an energy efficiency and management system for hotel guest rooms, called REMS ("Room Energy Management System"). The solution identifies energy waste caused by guest behavior and eliminates this waste and its cost, without impacting the guest comfort.

The invention/product

REMS is an energy management system for guest rooms, with a proven 25-35% energy and energy costs reduction.

The solution involves specially designed sensors that can be hidden from sight in the room. The sensors are programmed, configured and communicated with via the secure REMS network. The sensors provide data analytics allowing the room temperature to be regulated automatically for highest energy efficiency depending on different scenarios, e.g. vacant room, occupied room, day or night mode. One key competitve edge is that REMS works for both new or operational hotels (full retro-fit).

REMS gives the hotel operator the ability to control energy requirements to meet guest comfort prerequisites, seasonality, occupancy fluctuations, and operational requirements that affect energy efficiency.

Companies/industry we are looking for

SENS is seeking investment partners to scale the business. Investments will be used recruit people and strengthen the commercial (sales and marketing) arm of the company.

Key highlights of the business include:

  • Over 20,000 rooms serviced, with top international hotel brands with hotels in Europe, UK, Middle East, Indian Ocean and SE-Asia
  • Recurring revenues of circa €1.5Mln per annum
  • Company IP includes proprietary hardware and software
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Management consists of experienced industry veterans

An estimate of the market potential includes over 200,000 guest rooms and roughly sales of over EUR 85 Million by 2025. For comparison, Interel (competitor offering water management and guest room management systems), recently raised €10Mln from Jolt Venture Capital.

Next steps/Activities

Besides investors, SENS is also looking for business with new hotel operators.

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