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Paradise (cloud-based IoT Platform)

The problem/challenge

Digiotouch’s core competence is to digitize customers' legacy business processes, operations, and assets using Cloud based, secure Paradise IoT Platform.

The invention/product

The product is a cloud-based IoT Platform with service functions for remote monitoring, device management, visualization, end-to-end security, secure storage, privacy etc. On the technical front, the Platform is broadly based on Open Data, ICT Standards, Machine Learning, Intelligent Cloud & Edge, Mobile Apps, and Cybersecurity.

The unique selling point is that the Platform uses standard building blocks coming from W3C Web of Things.

Companies/industry we are looking for

End users in healthcare, manufacturing, and/or smart city business areas.

Next steps/Activities

We are looking for partnerships through a SaaS model.

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Date published11/20/2019StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasCloud ComputingCybersecurityInternet-of-ThingsMedical and Health ApplicationsSmart Cities