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Development service for ultra-low power wireless sensor network and energy harvesting

The problem/challenge

The Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH (LCM) is a private non-university research organization, which supports its customers and partners along the entire innovation chain in the field of mechatronics. The activities span from basic research in cooperation with Universities worldwide to solutions, prototypes and products for start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises. An industrial partner network of about 300 customers and 50 scientific partners strengthen the network of LCM.

The invention/product

Our services and competences are:

• Ultra-low power electronics design and layout

• Energy-harvesting-based supply solutions

• Small-batch production of electronics

• Embedded system development (HW and SW)

• Ultra-low power communication protocol for industrial IoT application

• Localizing solutions based on various technologies

• AI based data analysis and condition monitoring

Some applications that we have worked with include:

• Conventional cable-bases sensor replacement

• Reduction of installation costs

• Sensing at inaccessible locations

• Enhancement of sensor accuracy

• Enhanced monitoring of industrial processes

Companies/industry we are looking for

We are seeking for partners who want to enhance their production or products with ultra-low power wireless sensor network technology. We are interested in customizing our sensing solutions to further application areas to fulfil challenging sensing requirements.

Next steps/Activities

LCM performs high level mechatronics research and development in six thematic areas:

  1. Process Modelling & Mechatronic Design
  2. Sensors and Signals
  3. Wireless Systems
  4. Mechanics and Model Based Control
  5. Information and Control
  6. Drives and Actuators

We are also open to forming collaborations for the TETRAMAX TTX calls.

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