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no code enterprise development platform


The problem/challenge

Brainy is solving a problem with lack and high cost of custom app development by giving no code tools to develop your own custom enterprise apps that are built entirely on open source technologies so there are no costly fees.

Companies/industry we are looking for

Faculties, private companies, consultants, organizations that are focused on educating people to code

Next steps/Activities

we would like to provide our platform as a tool for them to use and develop own apps or use it as a tool to educate other people to use technology as an added value for them personally or in their companies/organizations.

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Date published08/09/2019StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasBusiness GenerationCloud ComputingCommunication TechnologiesData Mining and Big DataEmbedded and Systems ProgrammingHardware/Software CodesignHuman-Machine InteractionInternet-of-ThingsLocation Based TechnologiesLow-Energy ComputingWeb and Mobile Applications