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Automatic synthesis of FPGA-based smart-sensors

The problem/challenge

FPGA-based Smart Sensors and Actuators (SSAs) networks are characterized by limited ability to adapt to working conditions and changing objectives. Setting up, re-profiling and upgrading such networks is work- and time-consuming. In addition, physical access of to the network components is needed by service personnel.

The invention/product

The solution allows the dynamic reconfiguration of the FPGAs (of the SSAs) using the remote (cloud) automatic synthesis service, which allows practically unlimited possibilities of their adaptation. Benefits include:

• Effective management of SSAs in the network including. Today, each SSA in the network must be connected to the computer to configure its built-in FPGA. With our solution, each SSA can send information to the network and automatically receives the necessary configuration of the FPGA, be it during installation, changing functions, upgrading or optimization.

• Scalability. Some CPS systems may involve hundreds or thousands or SSAs loading the configuration code into the FPGA of the SSA is tedious and complicated. Moreover, changing functions or even adjusting operating parameters may require FPGA reconfiguration, making current systems rigid and unsuitable for modernization or reprofiling.

• New network properties such as flexibility and adaptability. Our solution replaces the execution from the human to a network that operates autonomously. The can be implemented at the level of hardware (adaptive hardware) and at the level of software (using our solution).

Companies/industry we are looking for

Some applications include networks for controlling technological or production processes in various industrial productions, military-purpose networks, environmental control, surface and underwater, moving objects, disaster response and management systems, stand-alone agricultural systems, robotic inventory management systems, security systems, surveillance and video monitoring in different wavelengths.

We are looking for partners/companies who:

• Use or install CPS networks

• Network/SSA equipment manufacturers.

• Operating in the field of network technologies and facilities (creating smart networks) and participating in the projects within the European Horizon 2020 program

Next steps/Activities

The current phase of the technology development:

• Method for automatic synthesis for FPGAs (of the SSA).

• Developed client-server protocol of information exchange, interface and data packet format between the FPGA and computer devices.

We would like to perform further co-development of the technology together with partners. The partner would provide actual specifications to create an FPGA-based SSAs network for industrial needs.

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Date published03/21/2019StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasElectronic System Level Design and ToolsReconfigurable ComputingSensors, Actuators, MEMS and RF