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Open Source Compiler Experts

The problem/challenge

Embecosm provides services developing free and open source (F/OSS) compiler tool chains and processor modeling. The architectures for which we develop compilers range from the smallest deeply embedded processors to the largest high performance computer systems. Among other tools, we support GCC, LLVM, Verilator and System C.

Our specialties include machine learning compilers, super optimization, security enhanced compilers and compilers optimized to generate energy efficient code.

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Date published06/18/2018StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasCompiler TechnologyCybersecurityDependable and Fault Tolerant SystemsElectronic System Level Design and ToolsEmbedded HPCEnvironmental ProtectionHardware/Software CodesignIntegrated Circuit DesignLow-Energy ComputingMachine LearningModeling and Simulation Using HPCMulticore SystemsOptimization TechnologiesParallel ProgrammingProcessor ArchitecturesQuantum ComputingSoftware Performance AnalysisVirtual Prototyping