Offer #2018.25

Automatic linking of food composition and food consumption data

Jožef Stefan Institute

The problem/challenge

Food composition data (i.e. energy value, nutritional values, values about bioactives, etc.), and food consumption data (i.e. food intake of a selected population) hold valuable information if they can be linked. However, linking them is not trivial.

The invention/product

The invention is a computer-based methodology for linking food composition data with food consumption data (using NLP). It has been tested on food composition and food consumption data described by FoodEx2. The approach is applicable for other types of food-related data (e.g. food waste) as well as for other classification and description systems (e.g. LanguaL).

Companies/industry we are looking for
  1. Institutions dealing with the compilation of food composition data as well as institutions/projects that need to estimate nutrient, or other sorts of intake from food consumption data collected in surveys.
  2. SMEs that are interested in developing a tool for handling food composition data
Next steps/Activities

We would like to perform consultation, while the partner would either use our methodology or implement it in a tool.

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Date published06/01/2018StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasData Mining and Big DataMachine LearningMedical and Health Applications