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Ghent University

The problem/challenge

Traditional security solutions based on custom hardware are hard to deploy, cost too much and limit innovation. There is a need for more trustworthy, cheaper software security solutions for mobile devices.

The invention/product

Aspire is a set of tools (a tool flow) that takes as input the source code of an application or part thereof (such as a library), transforms it, compiles it to executable code, and injects new software components into that executable code. The applied code transformations together with the inject components form the software protections. Many different forms of protections (i.e., different transformations and injected components) can be combined, such that a wide range of attacker activities (done for reverse engineering the software to steal secrets, or to tamper with it, e.g., to overcome license checks) becomes much harder to execute.

Companies/industry we are looking for

The tool flow is to a large extent open sourced ( except for some proprietary, optional parts developed by industrial partners. It has been documented in about 30 youtube demonstration videos ( It serves as the basis for ongoing research to develop stronger forms of protections.

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Date published04/26/2018StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasCybersecurity