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Quality-of-Service Resource Management Diagnostics

The problem/challenge

Battery operated devices require frequent recharging or changing of batteries due to high energy usuage, e.g. smart phones, IoT sensors. There is also high costs of operation for energy demanding applications due to high energy usage, e.g. servers and data centers.

The invention/product

GreenOS is a software that is installed on the operating system (run-time operation) that automatically allocates computing resources efficiently. Key advantages include energy savings (>30%) and simple implementation. It has been tested on ARM multicore systems.

Comparison with other methods:

  • Dynamic Voltage-Frequency Scaling provides limited amount of energy savings
  • Turbo-Boosting (Extending idle periods) has higher power consumption during active phase due to higher frequency and voltage
  • Multicore Processor Heterogeneity maintains constant performance and therefore offers limited savings in energy
Companies/industry we are looking for

We are looking to connect with:

  • Companies manufacturing battery operated devices, eg. Smartphones, sensors, etc.
  • Companies manufacturing equipment/software for data centers
Next steps/Activities

We are seeking collaboration partners to perform pilot testing with GreenOS.

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Date published04/19/2018StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasHardware/Software CodesignHeterogeneous ComputingLow-Energy ComputingMulticore Systems