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TETRAMAX has been concluded in Dec 2021 with an “excellent” final rating by the European Commission. It served as #1 innovation hub for digitizing European industries in the domain of customized and low-energy computing, on a mission to boost innovation for SMEs in search of leading-edge digital technologies and solutions. The major infrastructures included:

  • EU-wide local help desks with individual digitization consulting
  • Low-risk technology innovation testbeds for SMEs
  • Cross-border hardware/software ICT supply and demand brokerage
  • Funding up to 100,000 EUR for tech transfer experiments via open calls

TETRAMAX is part of the European Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) initiative

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Video demonstrations of application experiments

Nox.Box: Mobile NOx Sensor component for real time large-scale monitoring and platform

CLEC-Submetering: Manage your Technical Installations by Clamp-on AI Resource Monitoring

BALLERINA: Libro & Libra: wireless scale and mobile app for personalized nutrition tracking

Carrots: Cooperative ARchitecture for gaRdening with Open moniToring Systems

CABEHA: Capturing of biometric characteristics of a human hand

H-Beacon: Soil Humidity Prediction; the Beacon Approach

MIP: Magnetic Information Platform

EVErMORE: Energy-efficient Variation awarE MulticORE

CORONA: Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)-Based Collaborative Robotics for a Low-Energy Machine Economy in Manufacturing Environments

Eco-Rural-IoT: Application of techniques and intelligent algorithms aimed to reduce the consumption of power and water in mixed farming environments by means of

BLEeper: A low-cost outdoor location tracking solution for shoreline safety