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Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd

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Sundance was founded by Flemming Christensen in 1989 with the focus on design, manufacturing, and testing of electronics modules based on a leading-edge Multiprocessing technology that allowed infinitive scaling of processing power. The target market was MRI-Scanners. Our Modules are in the first MRI Scanner that was approved by the United States of America’s FDA. It has 18x 20MHz Inmos Floating-point T805 Transputers for doing the image manipulation in each system. Philips Medical eventual bought the technology and moved to an ‘in-house’ solution, but systems are still in service around the World. That is soon 30 years ago and we are still pushing the electronics technology into new markets.

Sundance are now developing, as part of the EU-H2020 project - - a number of "Starter Kits" that will enable low-power development platforms with control, measurement and vision to ultimately control robots. We will use this technology ourselves in the EU-H2020 project - - to produce a autonomous solution for vineyards.

We are looking for new Partner(s) that can help us with more vertical applications for this technology and a small and focused TetraMax projects would be ideal with either a bilateral proposal or a broader Value Chain Experiment.

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Date published05/16/2018StatusLooking for collaborationTechnology areasAugmented and Virtual RealityComputer VisionElectronic System Level Design and ToolsLow-Energy ComputingMachine LearningRobotics and Autonomous SystemsSurveillance TechnologiesVideo Processing